Brake Light Flasher / Modulator

Article number: Front Slatboard
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Brake Light Modular Splice in Flasher.  Will work for all bikes with a DC powerede tail/brake light.

These have 2 setting that work with both incandescent or LED bulbs. 

• Grab the attention of the car drivers tail gating you with this simple to install brake light modulator.
• Robot has tested out countless brake light modulators over the years and has sourced this high quality US made product that's ideal for scooters!
• Ultra compact brake light modulator fits behind the brake light assembly on all scooters! Only 20x15x5mm in size.
• All solid state and completely sealed and water resistant.
• Compatible with both LED and incandescent brake lights.
• 2 modes to choose from - a fast flash suitable for the quick reaction time found with LED brake light and a standard flash mode. Not a gimmicky 1000 mode brake light flasher module. 
• Easy to select modes by opening or shorting extra green and white wires on micro module.
• Simple three wire installation. Includes two high quality 3M splices and a 3M splice for the ground connection.
• Red wire splices to the scooter’s brake light circuit, yellow ties to the brake lamp and the black taps to the ground connection.


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