Gorilla 9000 Cycle Alarm

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The Gorilla Cycle Alarm is one of the most effective, compact and durable motorcycle alarm systems on the market. The compact alarm features three powerful sensors that trigger the unit's adjustable 120 decibel siren when disturbed and provides maximum protection for your bike in every possible situation. The 2-wire direct to battery installation is simple, takes less than 30 minutes and requires no special tools. The 9-Series Cycle Alarm gives you affordable security that no motorcyclist should be without.


  • Ultra-Compact and powerful 120 decibel Siren
  • Three powerful sensors keep your bike safe: A new internal tilt sensor, an adjustable 2-stage shock sensor and a current sensor
  • Tilt Sensor - The new internal tilt sensor triggers the alarm when the motorcycle is moved off of it's side stand
  • 2-Stage Shock Sensor - The Shock Sensor triggers with impact and is adjustable to 7 levels of sensitivity. The 2-Stage feature allows the siren to give a 'warn-away' chirp for light impacts and to fully trigger for larger impacts.
  • Current Sensor - The Current Sensor detects changes in battery voltage and triggers the alarm if the bike is started.
  • LED Warning Light indicates the alarm is armed and provides a visual deterrent against theft
  • Simple, direct-to-battery installation takes less than 30 minutes and requires no special tools
  • Includes 3-button remote transmitter
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