Horn Seger 136d DECIBEL (LOW KEY)

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When riding a scooter, it's just as important to be seen as it is heard. Wearing brightly color clothing, reflective riding gear, and a bright headlight will ensure that you are more visible on the road. But what happens if you have a weak horn? With the EXTRA LOUD 136 decibel low key Seger horn, you'll never have to worry about a weak horn again. Make your presence known by everyone on the road and ride your Vespa with confidence.

The Seger 136 decibel horn will work on any 12V DC bike. They include a universal mounting strap that measures 3.5" long. The horn measures 4 inches long and 3 inches wide. Installation is also fairly easy. The original horn is located behind the front shield on every modern Vespa scooter. Remove the front Piaggio badge, then the plastic front cover, and you will see the horn directly in the center.

This horn will work on most modern Vespa scooters. A custom wiring kit is required for Vespa Primavera and Sprint models. Click here for the wiring kit.

Not compatible with 2015 and newer Vespa GTS models.


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