RAM Mount Phone Holder - Complete Set for LARGE phones

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Little is worse than riding along and feeling your phone buzzing in your pocket, or riding to an unfamiliar destination and having to stop over and over to pull your glove off, pull your phone out, and check on directions. With a RAM Mount mounted on the mirror of your scooter or motorcycle, you can always have Google Maps, and the rest of your phone's functionality, in plain view. It's a game changer; the kind of luxury you don't realize you needed until you had access to it. And since most scooters and motorcycles come stock with USB ports now, you can run a cord up to your phone and rest easy knowing your phone is being charged up the whole time it's in use.


  • Included X-Grip easily accommodates phones as large or larger than an iPhone 10
  • Super adjustable ball mount design
  • Free installation if purchased in-store
  • Fits on the mirror of any scooter or motorcycle

(Vespa Portland does not recommend fidgeting with your phone while riding. That's dangerous. Set it and forget it!)

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