Nautilus Air Horn by Stebel

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We've all been there; you're cruising down the street on your scooter during rush hour traffic, a large vehicle turns into your lane without checking their blind spot, and you're forced to slam on your brakes or pull over at the last second. You try to honk to get their attention, but your horn is drowned out by the music playing on their stereo.

Loud horns can save lives, and the Nautilus air horn by Stebel is absolutely the LOUDEST scooter horn we have ever heard! This horn will make your little scooter the most audibly ferocious vehicle on the road.

The Nautilus air horn by Stebel will work on any 12V DC scooter, with the hardest part being the fitting. Each models fitting will be different, depending on the available space inside of your scooter. The horn comes with basic instructions, relay and hardware. The horn is 5 inches tall, 3 inches wide, and 4.5 inches long.


The Nautilus Horn Wiring Kit is needed in order to install this air horn. The kit includes the wire, terminals, and hardware needed for installation.


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