Folding Steel Lock

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This foldable lock, including two keys and a holster with attachments for tubular framework, combines a compact design with high security and practical operation. This lock ensures that your pride and joy remains where it was parked and unattended!


The BTA folding lock is 840mm long, guaranteeing an increase in secure locking possibilities and can be folded away till it is hardly noticeable. The holster can quickly and easily be attached to any tubular framework and also holds the lock together when folded, even when the journey is not so smooth. This enables it to be easily transported and used everywhere. The tough plastic coating protects any damage to the scooters paintwork and the folding tempered steel arms provide an excellent deterrent against any would-be thieves!



  • Hardened steel construction
  • Compact design
  • Paintwork protection

Strong against thieves

The robust folding arms have a high resistance against thieves and their methods and the tough locking mechanism is not easily overcome.


Compact due to the folding design

Transported easily when folded. The attachment facility on the holster allows safe attachment to tubular frames.


Easy on the paintwork

The plastic coated arms are protected from corrosion while also protected your paintwork from scratches and scuffs.


BTA folding lock technical specifications

  • Very good price/performance ratio.
  • 840mm length.
  • Two keys.
  • Tubular frame attachment facility.
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