Koso X-Claw Heated Grip USB for Genuine Buddy

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Great news for Genuine Buddy 50 riders! These new clip-on heated grips from Koso make it possible for riders of smaller scooters like the Genuine Buddy 50 to finally feel the luxury of warm hands while riding on cold days. Simply clip the heating element over your grips and plug into your on-board USB outlet. As you ride you'll feel the warmth emanating through those chilly palms - or adjust the heater forward to rest beneath your frozen fingers. Installation and removal takes seconds and the unit can be stored under-seat when not in use.

The forecast for this coming winter is cold and dry with less rainfall than usual. Whether you ride with bare hands, or use lighter to mid-weight gloves, you should have no problem feeling the warmth from these heated grips. Of course a heavier Winter riding glove will likely block you from the full effects of this sweet, sweet heat.

It's about time the Genuine Buddy 50 owners get some heated luxury! Come see us for a pair! $67.95.

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