Piaggio Alarm Install Kit GTS 2014-2019/HPE 2020-2022 (1st Gen)

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Installation kit for Piaggio alarm system. This is an adapter kit only. The Piaggio alarm is needed and sold separately.

These Alarm Systems, produced by GEMINI for PIAGGIO, VESPA and GILERA two-wheelers have a convincing quality and reliability. The various features of this electronic theft prevention system are well considered and make its unauthorized or undetected deactivation almost impossible.


This 'e-power' alarm system is de/activated with a radio signal emitted from the remote-control device included. Another refined detail is the units guaranteed power supply, if supply from the scooter is interrupted or insufficient the alarm remains fully active and functional! The alarm systems is compatible with all PIAGGIO electronic accessories such as PMP, PSS etc.

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