Star Brite Ultimate Matte Finish Cleaner

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Star Brite's ULTIMATE Matte Finish with PTEF® is formulated specifically to clean and protect all matte, denim, satin, flat and other non-shiny surfaces. It also adds a protective, non-glossy PTEF® polymer barrier to help repel grime, greasy smears and UV rays that can cause the finish to become dull and faded. It is also a very effective waterless cleaner for fast cleanups.


  • Specifically formulated to enhance matte, denim, flat, satin and other non-glossy finishes
  • Protective polymers bond to treated surface to help repel dirt and UV damage
  • Removes road grime, dirt, greasy smudges, bug debris and more
  • Safe for all metal, plastic, wrapped and painted surfaces
  • Ideal for tanks, bags, pipes and helmets
  • 22 OZ.



Shake bottle before use. Spray directly onto surface to be shielded. Wipe up any overspray with a paper towel or a cloth. Use as needed to maintain a barrier against moisture and corrosion. Star brite’s liability is limited to the purchase price of this product.

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