Vespa Motorsport / Vespa Portland "Hostile Takeover" Collaboration Hat

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Celebrate our hostile takeover with a collaboration hat featuring a logo mashup of two of your favorite west coast scooter shops! Vespa Motorsport (you may know them as Scooterwest in San Diego) and Vespa Portland have lived, laughed, and loved each other for years. Together we march into the future.

This snapback hat should fit everyone unless you have a really really large melon. In that case, hold it together with a zip tie - or as Canadians call them, a zap strap!

| Hans Knobbler 13-01-2023 21:33

If you buy only one item this year, it's got to be this hat. This Limited Edition hat has changed my life in so many ways, not the least of which is learning what a "Hostile Takeover" means to any company in the United States of the Americas. I feel as though I now have a better understanding of what it means to own a business, and what it means when strangers start asking too many questions about it. As I am a student at Portland Community College, I have decided to go from a major in Arc Welding and Pig Iron Smelting, into Business and Management. My hope is to someday start my own business, and when it's big and successful, someday, I will have Portland Vespa and this hat, to thank for it. Bless you fine men, for all you do. Semper Fidelis!

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