Tucano Urbano Handlebar Covers

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Tucano Urbano makes some of the best riding accessories specifically designed for keeping the rider comfortable. Whether you're riding in cold, rain, or gusty wind, their products ensure protection and comfort to the utmost degree.


These insulated neoprene handlebar covers easily fit over your grips and securely mount to your handlebar ends. They have plenty space on the inside so you won't feel constrained while using your controls. Made from waterproof material will protect you from rain and wind.


  • Simple fitting system
  • waterproof
  • Insulation
  • More internal volume for the hand and for the thumb
  • No constraints to the movement of the levers (no interior plastic)
  • Synthetic fur thermal padding on the back of the hand
  • Rigid opening with elastic windproof adjuster
  • Reflective pattern
  • for handlebars with bar end weights
  • Neoprene outer covering 5mm
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